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broadway is dark tonight...

...but flickering lights will hide your sin

katie thinks that you are awesome
16 December 1984
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wile away some hours in front of...

one tree hill//chuck//dawsons creek//fnl//bones//big love//
the office (US)//skins//himym//sons of anarchy//heroes//
the oc//hannah montana//the good wife//the twilight ouvre//
weeds//true blood//btvs//the deep end//veronica mars//
gilmore girls//life unexpected//charmed//mad men//tbbt//
pushing daisies//roswell//american idol//gossip girl//
pretty little liars//white collar//glee//raising hope//
wizards of waverly place//party down//golden girls//martha//
greys anatomy//party of five//doctor who//top gear//angel//

the real lifers...

hilarie burton//joie galeotti//ed westwick//schuyler fisk//
brendan fehr//sophia bush//david boreanaz//lea michelle//
the deschanel sisters//ellen degeneres//busy phillips//smg//
anna kendrick//kstew//shiri appleby//holly marie combs//
beth ditto//david cook//nikki reed//kristin chenoweth//
lauren graham//the hannigan-denisofs//katy perry//
selena gomez//taylor swift//shiri appleby//ellen pompeo//
demi lovato//shannen doherty//julie benz//the panabakers//

i'm an online junkie from way back... i've had more to say online than i ever have irl

love going to the theatre, but not street theatre,'cause that's weird and personal-space-invading, but if you ever wanna talk Broadway, i'm your girl! seriously though, live music is the key to your soul, it can't be described but that moment when you are so in tune with what's being performed and heard that your hair stands on end and your body tingles and you're overwhelmed with how amazing it is that music can get inside you, that's just bliss

tv and movies own my heart, my friends make my life worth living and i knit like a crazy nana which i hope you don't mind 'cause i post the occasional finished object!
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80 movies, aimee teegarden, alyson hannigan, amanda seyfried, american dreams, angel the series, anna kendrick, baking, barney stinson, bethany joy lenz, beverly hills 90210, blair waldorf, blair/serena, blake lively, blake/leighton, bones, booth/brennan, brooke davis, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/angel, chad michael murray, charisma carpenter, cher horowitz, chocolate, chuck bartowski, chuck/blair, cindy mackenzie, cooking, cordelia chase, cyndi lauper, dakota fanning, david boreanaz, dawsons creek, dixie chicks, dollhouse, edward cullen, edward/bella, eli 'weevil' navarro, eliza dushku, ellen page, emily deschanel, everwood, fanbolt, fanfic (reading), feminism, firefly, friday night lights, friends, gigs, glee, gossip girl, graphics, groupies, hanson, heroes, himym, ice skating, icons, jared padalecki, jason dohring, jax, jensen ackles, jessica stanley, jill sobule, joan of arcadia, joshua jackson, juno, keith mars, kristen bell, kristen stewart, leighton meester, lindsey mcdonald, live shows, liz parker, logan echolls, logan/veronica, lp, max/liz, movies, music, musicals, nathan fillion, ned/chuck, one tree hill, oth, peyton sawyer, pushing daisies, reading, reality tv, roswell before upn, sarah michelle gellar, sarcasm, shannen doherty, sleep, smallville, sons of anarchy, sophia bush, tara maclay, taylor kitsch, television, temperance brennan, the 80s, the cw, the wb, the wreckers, theatre, tina majorino, tori spelling, trespassers william, tru calling, twilight, tyler hilton, veronica mars, veronica/weevil, willow rosenburg, willow/oz, willow/tara