making this journal friends only because ...

sometimes i am difficult
sometimes I'll only want to fan!girl about my shows
sometimes anytime you can cry on my shoulder
sometimes it's your friends that get you through the day
sometimes we all need someone to vent to
sometimes you'll need me and i'll be here

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after my picture fades
and darkness has turned to gray
watching through windows
you're wondering if I'm ok...

let me know if you're adding me
let me know where i know you from

xoxo katie

adding || not adding || selectively adding
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numbers are weird they go up and down but never reach anything

EDIT: doing a friending meme, making this entry public so people can gauge my crazy
1. i think i have an infected socket or a dry socket, my dentist cant see me until next week though, so hopefully whatever it is clears up by itself before then, it still doesn't hurt as much as before so i don't reallly care lol, when you start at FUCKING AWFUL PAIN, anything that's kind of twingey is totally ignorable :D

2. i am surprised at the fact that David Boreanaz makes $200,000 per episode and Jane Lynch makes $50,000
but then i think maybe it's cause DB is going into his 6th season and is an absolutely bonkable bankable star and Jane is a relative loose canon having never held up a main role on a high rated show before. but then i think well, angel and buffy never rated terribly high
that list of top and bottom earners always makes me angsty, i want all my peeps to earn the monies you know, i get equal enjoyment from heaps of them dammit!

3. jen is home today hooray! the cats are great, but i can't talk to them :( so woo for no more moderately empty house.
but while she was away i made this:

it's a monkey washcloth for Mannix :D he loves it (and so do his mums) so that's a bonus. i put a little handle on the top so it can slip over the taps too.
a nice quick easy project to do while catching up on all the shows that i watch, that Jen doesn't !

4. in honour of the Tomorrow When The War Began movie coming out soon, i'm re-reading the books
i LOVED this series, and i'm up to book 2 almost at the end again and it turns out that adult-me loves them still
i just love the way that it is written in such a positive way, and that the teenagers are realistic but not stereotyped too much
the author was a high school teacher so i think that really helps him to grasp how adult and yet childlike we are at the end of high school, we're capable of greatness, but it's so rarely required of us that we don't really know it
the characters shine off the pages, and another thing for me is that the places and landscape are actually things i've seen and had seen as a child, i understand knowing and loving a sunburnt valley and creeks that have no bottom in one spot and only come up to your ankle a metre further up. it's beautiful and it's scary and it's truly brilliant.
get your hands of a copy of the series if you can

5. first ever properly organised staff outing tonight, our social club is actually being a social club FINALLY, rather than being the club that half assed organises the christmas party and then has me to all the actual dirty work at the last minute lol
we're going to dinner and then to a comedy club :D yay! and the best bit is it's on my tram line so i can get home easily afterwards!

6. i'm almost caught up with Mad Men FINALLY, i hadn't seen any of s3 and now i've watched it all and the first ones of s4 and it's epic
I LOVE JOAN, I WANT TO BE JOAN well except for the absolute shit head rapist husband, maybe he'll get killed in Vietnam? or injured, i'll settle for a bit of comuppance injury, such an asshole, but WOOHOO for her hitting him with the vase, about time she took her sass home!
this show breaks me, also Don I wish you could see how you ruined your family, but you don't really get it do you? but you're hot anywya and sadly that let's me let you get away with more things than I should, i still love you and will happily be your 2nd/3rd wife

sooooo, what you doing?

lookit! finished another project woo!
this is the baby cardy I made for Tracey, my OBFF (office BFF)

it's on Lola the monkey, she was an excellent model for the day :)
this one gave me a little bit of grief, the button band WOULD NOT DO WHAT I WANTED IT TO DO, i ended up going down almost 2 full needle sizes and changing the buttonholes to [k2tog, yo, yo, ssk] just to get it to work, and i'm glad I did cause i think it looks pretty spiffy
and more importantly, Tracey and Kamahl love it :D

i chose tiny white plastic (machine washable) hands for the buttons and applique the felt icecream cone (with sprinkles) on for a bit of fun. The cardigan is knit with Debbie Bliss babycashmerino and i loved knitting with it, so soft and squishy and delicious!

also, matching hat!

I did 3 buttons so she could make it fit baby's head best, it's so soft, it's just white and the peach coloured DB cashmerino held double to make the marbley pattern - aka: knitting double is faster, and i was running out of time!

have tried to get back in to knitting my February Lady Sweater (a lacy 3 button swing cardigan) but i hate hte sight of it at the moment, so instead i've cast on 'Buttony' and can't wait for it to take shape - and since it's in 12ply, shouldn't take long at all :D yay! so might get at least one new sweater by the end of winter, maybe even two.

our party on the weekend was a roaring success, with over $2000 worth of INTIMO sold, i think our bragirl Courtney was very happy with our group, and even better, Jen and I have the leftovers to eat, and Jen made so much yummy stuff! and I made spinach dip and baba ghanoush and ate way too much chocolate and laughed soo much and smiled so my face hurt!

going in for my teeth extractions on Saturday at midday and starting to get REALLY nervous about it, purely because i'm a GIANT WUSS and am scared of pain and of being helpless to fix the aforementioned pain situation. but i am assured that it won't be as bad as i think (and also, i have to get it done no matter what, so i should stop being a princess and suck it up!)

in other news, as I mentioned in a much earlier post, my friend Emma's dad was in that plane that went missing in Africa, well unfrotunately that ended badly and the plane was found crashed with no survivors. the last of the funeral services/memorial services were last week at home in Perth and so this week she, her sister Courtney (who was like a little sister back in the high shool days) and their cousin are having a week away in Melbourne, i'm having them over for dinner tomorrow night and am trying to think of a comforting dinner to feed them, but no eggs cause her cousin is allergic? also i have to work all day. i am at a loss

i think either something in the slow cooker, or chicken and leeks pies or something i can cook tonight but put together tomorrow night?
for dessert i thought maybe these

with something else for no-egg cousin? maybe a mini no egg chocolate mousse with berries? or i could just make that for everyone?

anyway, my problems are small compared to hers and it's good to have perspective.

I found it interesting that my dad visited Em and took her flowers the day before her dad's funeral service. it's about 20 years too late, but he's finally taking an interest in the lives of my friends and understanding that caring for them is as important as caring for me. so hopefully that means that soon he'll remember when my birthday is? or is that too much do you think? i mean, as a rational person, i think it's amazing and sweet and brilliant that he went to her when she needs a dad, but the part of me that is a hurt little girl forever, just wants to ask him why he thinks she needs a dad more than i do? it just sits badly with me, and makes me feel like a bitch for complaning about him doing something lovely for her when she needs it, but i can't get him at all? I AM A BAD PERSON CLEARLY.

anyway, it will be good to catch up with her and have cuddles and feed her somehting to make her belly full and her heart warm and nice.
plus, she can see my new house!

i hope you are all well, tell me things, my flist gets scary when i don't check it everyday, so i know i'm missing important things in your lives :(



what's this? a meme!

image source : Daily Drop Cap

an Offset Wraplan Cardigan for Tracey's baby bump (it's so cute)
Cooking : made chilli and cornbread last night - totally stuck 8 vegetables in and you wouldn't know it (I even made salsa from scratch)

Drinking : more water, it seems like antibiotics + pain meds = dehydrated Katie

Reading: LA Candy, by Lauren Conrad (does anybody else miss the olde days of Laguna and early The Hills?)

Wanting: MONIES TO SPEND ON ME/YARN instead of on my stupid teeth

Looking: at prints to buy
and pretty photography, also the ugly photography in front of my desk at work
Playing: the knuckle song on Jen's piano that lives in our home! it had a long journey up from Adelaide and now it's ours!

Wasting: time on LJ

appliqued an ice cream cone on the baby cardy
Wishing: that my teeth didn't hurt and that November would hurry up so Lisa can come visit me and we can go see Hairspray the Musical!!

Enjoying: a double coat TimTam and knitting

Waiting: for it to be hometime, it's only 45 minutes away!!
Liking:  that I have an awesome person to live with who tolerates my extreme bitch!face moments while I'm cranky at my teeth and sore and sad
(that's you, binka_boo )
if I'll find love this year (or next, or ever?)
Loving:  that i'm getting better at this crazy knitting thing, and that we have a new craft and yarn store in our neighbourhood!

Hoping:  that the Gulf oil spill sitch is heading towards a reasonable solution
Marvelling:  over the fact that humans grow other humans INSIDE OF THEM and that's never going to not be awesome to me
Needing:  a lie down and a cup of tea and more time for fun stuff

Smelling:  nothing, my nose is blocked but i can sort of smell the hint of chocolatteeee

Wearing: silver ballet flats, grey tights, black corduroy knee length pencil skirt, White/black/silver striped collar shirt with plack singlet over the top, bright blue knitted vest/cardy. oh and silver headband.     yes, i like matchymatchy outfits.

Following:  just started following the delighful Sophia Bush, and the self effacing and amusing forehead!James van der Beek

Noticing:  that people are kind of amazing, and some are kind of amazingly shit

Knowing: is only half the battle, acting on knowledge is the harder part

that i need to keep in better contact with people i care about, both online and offline, also i should update my icons, i have some amazing new ones saved from talented people and they are going unloved in the folders
Bookmarking:  mommy blogs
Opening: hopefully a package from cafepress.com with my twilight purchases in it (including the onesie for Tracey's bump!!
Giggling: about cakes on cakewrecks.com and thinking about how MORTIFIED i would be if that happened to me (and also why i refuse to write on any of the cakes I make)
Feeling: a bit blah, but happy anyway :)


Sign the Petition to Restore the Gulf

Collapse )
it doesn't count if I do it, I'm not a US citizen, but for those of you that can, let your President know that you care, that you want it fixed and that it's his responsibility and you are counting on him to do the right thing and have the government you voted in (or didn't, but had to right to choose about voting in) listen to your concerns and act on that concern.

Seriously though, your ocean, is my ocean, your gulf will only be your problem for so long, then it's the world's problem and WAY HARDER TO FIX, BP is getting away with a little too much. Why is the perpetrator being allowed to clean up the evidence? Fund it yes, but not be responsible for being all LALALLALALALAAAA nothing to see here. Something fishy is going on there, make the government be actively involved and allow the country to have access to the situation.

The environment is important, global warming is all airyfairy but this is sludgy dirty oil EVERYWHERE on the gulf, this needs immediate action.

/end my public service announcement.

Emmy Nominations, FTW?

Ok Kids, time to vote, imma keep this poll open until Emmy night and then I'll close it and see how our predictions rate.
So vote, vote, vote! (and yes, i'm only doing the main ones, no, i don't care about people i don't know and no, i don't feel bad about that so HA!)

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FYI all votes for anyone that is not Jane Lynch will be mocked. How do you not respect the awesome?

the widdle itty bitty flist cut is now done...

i don't think anyone that bothers reading my posts will even notice!
if you think i cut you incorrectly, feel free to demand a recount in the comments
i'm human, i mess up! i ony cut the people that i feel like i don't pay enough attention to, or that we have never commented each other or that they randomly added me and never said anything! also deadjournals are gone too

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to those that remain
i love you all

*i don't like doing this at all, next time i'm totally doing a mass flist cut like  elletrical did, cause that works better!
** spot the retard who forgot that this post would have to be unflocked

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...now i know my ABCs

Quick meme, snagged from

Are you a book lover? A TV freak? A movie aficionado?
Put your mind to the test, and list some of your favorite fictional characters - one for each letter of the alphabet.

- AJ (Empire Records)
B - Brenda Walsh (BH 90210)
C - Cordelia Chase (BtVS/Ats) / C.C. Bloom (Beaches)
D - Daria Morgendorffer (Daria)
E - Edward Scissorhands (Edward Scissorhands)/ Elphaba/Wicked Witch of the West (Wicked)
F - Frances 'Baby' Houseman (Dirty Dancing)
G - Gabriella Montez (HSM)/ Galinda/Glinda of the Uplands (Wicked)
H - Haley James Scott (One Tree Hill) / Hermione Granger (Harry Potter series)
I - Isabel Evans (Roswell)
J - Josie Geller (Never Been Kissed) / Janey (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun)
K - Katy (the 'What Katy Did' novels)
L - Louise Sawyer (Thelma and Louise) / Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)
M - Missy Pantone (Bring It On) / Cindy 'Mac' MacKenzie (Veronica Mars)
N - Nora Walker (Brothers and Sisters)
O - Odette Sinclair (Strike!/The Hairy Bird/All I Wanna Do)
P - Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer (One Tree Hill)
Q - all i can think of is Q from the 007 movies *sigh*
R - Roberta (Now and Then) / Ryan Atwood (The OC)
S - Sister Husband (Where the Heart Is) / Sister Mary Clarence 'Delores Van Cartier' (Sister Act)
T - Truvy (Steel Magnolia's)
U - Ugly Stepsisters (Ever After, can't remember their names, and this works out better alphabetically)
V - Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars)
W - Willow Rosenberg (BtVS) / Winnifred 'Winnie' Frost (Tuck Everlasting)
X - Alexander 'Xander' LaVelle Harris (BtVS)
Y - stumped!
Z - Zachary 'Zac' Morris (Saved by the Bell - OLD SCHOOL, not new class ew)

oh and just made this post un-f'locked so any passers-by can take a gander :D
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